Factory Scrap Metal

At Spire Metals, we provide a complete one stop shop for metal waste recycling for a broad range of factories and manufacturing businesses across Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight.

Shop Floor – Small Containers, Open or Lockable Skips Supplied, Reliable, Free Quotes, Competitive, Professional, Flexible Collection (Out of Hours), High Value Assessment & Fast Turnaround

Whether you want just the occasional one-off collection or a regular, reliable, scrap metal collection service for your production waste, Spire Metals are the people to call. We take care of all your scrap metal needs including the necessary compliance documentation to ensure that you have complete peace of mind.

Spire Metals provide the best scrap metal recycling service to you, as well as never forgetting that the scrap material is a valuable income stream. Lockable containers can be provided for safe storage between collections.

Agricultural Scrap Metal

We recognise farms and agricultural facilities can be a very environmentally sensitive area, i.e fire and contamination.

Spire Metals can offer years of know how and knowledge of how to handle scrap steel building demolition and vehicle and machinery disposal.  Working with and special requirements outlined by the client.

We offer a reliable local collection service and competitive prices.

Old Implements, Silos, Combines & Tractors, Steel Buildings, Gates, Irrigation Pipes, Lorries, Pickups & Vans


Garage Scrap Metal

Spire metals are a DVLA Licenced Depollution Processor and Authorised treatment Facility so we can deal with most types of Garage Scrap Metal including disposal of Scrap Cars and Scrap Commercial Vehicles.

Ramps & Tools, Damaged metal parts, Batteries, Catalytic Converters, Engines / Components, Alloy and Steel Wheels

We can offer a choice of secure or open top on-site storage options for scrap metal storage between collections, helping you gather and protect this potentially valuable commodity.

Marine (Ferrous & Non-Ferrous)

It’ll be no surprise to you that, given the size and scope of the Marine industry in and around the Solent, Spire metals are fully geared up to deal with marine scrap metal, be it ferrous or non-ferrous in large or small quantities. 

We service commercial marine manufacturing and repair companies from Southampton to Chichester including Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

Lead Keels, Aluminium Masts, Brass Fittings, Stainless Steel Rigging & Railing, Engines, Aluminium Dingy & Boats, Steel Hulls, Complete Ships